Massage Therapy

Treat yourself to the ultimate in relaxation. Choose from aromatherapy massage, therapeutic massage, sports injury therapy, repetitive work strain therapy and hot stone massage. A variety of treatments to choose from, all of which are performed by Registered Massage Therapists.


Appointments are available on Saturdays & Sundays. If you are interested in one of these appointments, please call the Sports Desk at 705-435-5502 to book. If an appointment is not available we ask that you leave your name and phone number to be added to the waiting list. We thank you for your understanding.

Therapeutic Massage
This type of massage is a combination of rocking, shaking, kneading and stretching. It may also include myofascial release, trigger point release, lymphatic drainage, hydrotherapy and acupressure.

Massage treatments include pool and whirlpool access immediately following your appointment with towel service. Prenatal massage available.

Massage Brochure (PDF)


Aromatherapy massage combines the healing properties of essential plant oils with the relaxing benefits of touch. Massage can be stimulating or relaxing depending on the oils used and the technique applied. It is an effective way to regulate mood, relieve stress, anxiety and tension, as well as to alleviate pain.

Massage Brochure (PDF)

Hot Stone Massage
This unique experience goes beyond traditional massage with sensations of warmth and deep relaxation as penetrating heat from the smooth basalt stones melt away knots, tension and stress. The stones are used to massage you with the aromatic oils and then are gently placed on specific acupressure points of the body.

Effective in creating harmony and a positive energy flow promoting a sense of balance energy and peace, indulge in a hot stone massage; your body and mind will thank you.

Massage Brochure (PDF)

What to Expect for your First Visit
When you come in for your first massage, you will be required to fill out a health history form that we will use to make up a treatment plan for you.

Your comfort is of great importance. You are not required to take off any clothing; however, massage is most effective when it is performed directly on skin. You are covered at all times aside from the area being treated at the time. At no time will you be exposed.

You are in control at all times during your treatment. If you ever want to alter your treatment or stop the massage, you need only ask. You may ask questions any time regarding your treatment.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to treatment to fill out a health history form. Late arrival will affect treatment duration.

All treatments are performed by specifically-trained Registered Massage Therapists and are covered in many healthcare policies. Please inquire about availability.

Based on a completed health history and physical evaluation, a treatment plan is made for each individual client. Massage therapists are trained in the assessment and treatment of over eighty medical conditions and diseases upon graduation including:

• Acute & chronic pain • Arthritis • Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Constipation • Circulatory problems • Fibromyalgia
• Respiratory problems • Sciatica • Stress management
• TMJ dysfunction • Headaches & migraines • Tendonitis
• Whiplash • Lower back pain • Sprains & strains

At the end of each treatment the therapist documents findings. Included are details of specific manipulations and any recommendations that were given during the massage.

Therapists are required to continue their education as part of the Quality Assurance Program and to perform a Self Assessment to ensure that you receive quality care of treatment.

Rates / Gift Certificates
Therapeutic & Prenatal Massage
45 Minutes $95
60 Minutes $115
90 Minutes $165
Aromatherapy Massage
45 Minutes $100
60 Minutes $120
90 Minutes $170
Hot Stone Massage
45 Minutes $120
75 Minutes $175

Gratuities and applicable tax are not included.

Massage treatments include pool and whirlpool access immediately following your appointment with towel service.

Gift Cards                               

Give the gift of relaxation with a gift card for one of our massage treatments. Gift cards are available for purchase at the Front Desk of the hotel.

Hours of Operation / Booking Policy

Appointments are currently available on Saturdays & Sundays.
To reserve an appointment a valid credit card is required at time of booking. Reservations are based on therapist availability. Appointments for massages are to be made and cancelled separately from hotel bookings. All cancellations require 48 hours notice. Cancellations made within 48 hours will be subject to the full payment for the treatment. Changes to the time or service can be made with the same therapist but are subject to availability. If an appointment is not available we ask that you leave your name and phone number to be added to the waiting list.

Please contact our Sports & Leisure Dome Guest Service Staff at 705-435-5502 to inquire about massage availability and to book an appointment.

Massage Brochure (PDF)

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