Fitness Appraisals

A fitness appraisal provides valuable information on your health and fitness levels. The assessment includes heart rate and blood pressure measurements, body fat testing, muscular strength and endurance, power and flexibility testing, as well as general nutritional information and lifestyle counselling. Our fitness appraisals are a great first step in starting a training prograsm and will enable you to focus on specific types of exercise that will help you achieve your fitness goals. The fitness assessment program includes:

  • The Canadian Standardized Test of Fitness (CSTF), a step test or Microfit Assessment, utilizing a bike egrometer
  • Goal setting and exercise counselling
  • An individualized exercise program
  • A program demonstration
  • A follow-up system to ensure exercise adherence
  • Become enlightened to the four basic components of fitness
  • Find out your current level of fitness
  • Get the professional direction and motivation you need to get you started
  • Stay actively involved and achieve the results you want from a professional program

What is involved in a Fitness Appraisal?
A fitness appraisal is a series of measurements designed to give you an estimate of your overall fitness level. Specific areas you will be measured in include:
  • Body Composition (skin folds and girth measurements)
  • Aerobic Capacity (step or bicycle ergometer 9-15 minutes)
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance (sit-ups, push-ups, grip strength and biceps strength)
  • Flexibility (sit and reach)
This part of the appraisal usually takes approximately one hour depending upon the amount of questions, discussion and counselling required. In addition, blood pressure levels and heart rates are monitored during the active cardiovascular component of your appraisal.

Based on your test results and your personal goals, a fitness plan will be written and will include the design of an exercise program which utilizes facilities, programs, and equipment available to you at the club, your home or in the community.

A follow-up appointment is scheduled to demonstrate and review the exercise program and provide instruction on the safe and proper use of the equipment. At three months your body composition may be re-checked and your program re-designed for you. A complete re-assessment is suggested after nine months.

What is a Certified Fitness Appraiser?
Certification is granted only to those individuals who have advanced training in exercise science at a college or university level and have completed formal apprenticeship in fitness appraisals. In addition, they must pass a strict written and practical examination. A CFA is qualified to evaluate your fitness level using procedures that may involve sophisticated equipment such as heart rate monitors, treadmills or bicycle ergometers.

Your Fitness Counsellor is experienced with a fitness background and has met the standards of written and practical knowledge to conduct a variety of fitness testing protocols. In addition, all fitness programs are supervised by a Certified Fitness Appraiser and Exercise Specialist.

What is an Accredited Fitness Centre?
The Nottawasaga Inn Sports & LeisureDome is an Accredited Fitness Appraisal Centre of the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and the Ontario Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences.

Fitness centres and clubs which employ Certified Fitness Appraisers and meet the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and the Ontario Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences guidelines for safe Fitness Appraisal procedures, may receive Accreditation. Accredited Centres will display a CSEP Accreditation decal which is your symbol of quality fitness appraisals and qualified staff.

How do I book a Fitness Appraisal?
Please book your appointment in person at the Sports & LeisureDome. When booking your appointment you will be asked to fill out a Physical Activity Readiness questionnaire, Lifestyle questionnaire and Waiver/Consent form.

The appraisal and a program demonstration will be done in two separate appointments. You should anticipate that your actual test time will take approximately 1 to 1½ hours.

What happens to the Test Results?
Your results are presented in an individual profile booklet which will be given to you, and each component of the appraisal is explained along with your individual results.

Your results are stored on the Microfit database for comparison with future appraisals in order to monitor and evaluate your progress. Appraisal results are strictly confidential and are protected by the Right to Privacy Act. These results are only available to you and your fitness appraiser.

How much does it cost for a Fitness Appraisal?
  • Nottawasaga Activity Club Members (16 years of age and over) $99.95
  • T.O.P. Teens (Appraisal) (13 - 15 years of age) $35.00
  • Reassessment (must be booked within 9 months of original assessment) $75.00
  • All prices are subject to HST.



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