Golf Tournaments

Whether you’re arranging a competitive tournament, charity golf event or a recreational golf day, our two golf courses offer a range of conditions and challenges that suit both the novice and seasoned golfer.  Our knowledgeable team will arrange every detail of your day from event structure, sponsorship sign placement, specialty-hole suggestions, player management, and dining options.  Our goal is to ensure your golf event runs seamlessly, allowing even the tournament organizer to enjoy the day!

All 36 Holes Now Open: Book online now. We look forward to welcoming you to the Golf Course.

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Tournament Types
Tee Time Golf Tournament                
A regular tee time start is ideal for smaller golf tournaments as it allows everyone in the group to start play with their foursome from the same hole. An eight minute tee time interval is used to allow each group to advance through the course. There will be approximately one hour between the first and last group.

Shotgun Golf Tournament                 
A shotgun start begins each group of players on a different hole. Players tee off simultaneously from different holes, helping to ensure players finish their rounds within the same time frame.

Modified Shotgun Golf Tournament  
A modified shotgun start is ideal for smaller groups without enough players to fill the entire course. Similar to a shotgun start each group of players starts on a different hole helping to ensure that players finish their rounds within the same time frame.

Two Tee Crossover Golf Tournament
A two tee crossover start, starts half of your group on hole #9 and hole #18 simultaneously. An eight minute tee time interval is used on both holes helping ensure your group finishes their rounds within a closer time frame.

Tournament Rates
Our standard tournament package includes green fee, golf cart, scoring, personalized scorecards, cart signage, dinner, room rental and designated registration area. Based on 80+ players.

  Valley Ridge
Monday - Thursday $160 $160
Weekends & Holidays Inquire for details.

Barbeque Receptions

Mouth watering barbeque aromas from sizzling meats deliciously prepared for your golf tournament group.

After a day on the golf course, regroup and share stories of your golf conquests while enjoying a selection of barbeque favourites. Ideal for golf tournament groups, our casual barbeques continues the relaxed flow of the day. Whether you decide on a pre-selected menu or decide to customize your own, to dine indoors or outdoors, a barbeque dinner is a great tournament compliment.

For details, dinner and refreshment options and availability please contact our golf tournament planner.

Merchandise Add-ons

Specially priced merchandise is available as part of your golf tournament package.

Our helpful Pro Shop staff are able to place a custom order with your logo merchandise as well as offer special pricing incentives and add-ons as part of your golf tournament.


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