Nottawasaga Golf Course

The 27 holes of the Nottawasaga golf course are set within the natural beauty of the Nottawasaga Valley. Comprised of three 9-hole golf courses, Green Briar, Valley, and Briar Hill, the winding Nottawasaga River perfectly accents the picturesque landscape of mature trees and manicured greens.

The Green Briar golf course is the longest of the three nines and features two beautiful, pond-guarded par 3's. One notable hole to pay attention to is the 177-yard, par 3, Green Briar #5. One of the most aesthetically pleasing holes on the entire course, the slightly sloped green is framed by a mixture of mature deciduous and coniferous trees and protected by a pond. Do not let the beauty of this hole distract you, as the pond in front of you and the out-of-bounds over the back will greatly punish an errant tee shot.

The Valley golf course is a secluded layout with narrow fairways winding through mature cedar trees and the Nottawasaga River. There are a number of outstanding holes, but one of the best is the 356-yard, par 4, Valley #9. A visually stunning hole with the resort in the background, the Nottawasaga River runs along the left side with a treed embankment on the right. The white tees are elevated, encouraging golfers to go for the green in one shot but errant shots will find themselves lost in the expansive water hazard. A true test of skill awaits those brave enough to take it on.

The Briar Hill golf course offers tree-lined fairways, significant elevation changes, and large, tricky greens. The signature 165-yard, par 3, Briar Hill #4, offers golfers magnificent views of the Nottawasaga Valley from the 45 foot high elevated tee. Golfers will need to take strategic shots as the large, undulating green is surrounded by numerous traps, protected by cedar trees on the right and the river on the left.

Featuring a perfectly manicured layout and easy walkability, the Nottawasaga golf course has been designed to accommodate all levels of golfers, offering three sets of tees on all 27 holes.

The Nottawasaga & Ridge Golf Courses are now closed. Thank you for a wonderful season. We look forward to welcoming you again in the Spring of 2022.


Booking / Dress Code

Dress Code:
  • Shirts must have short or long sleeves
  • Shirts must be in good condition and devoid of offensive logos and text
  • Ladies shirts should have 2 inch straps
  • Shorts should be dress shorts with a 5 inch inseam
  • Jeans and track pants in good condition are permitted on the course
  • Nylon suits are acceptable
  • Golf shoes must be soft spiked or soled

Booking Procedures:
  • Credit card must be provided to make a booking
  • Weekday rounds may be booked 5 days in advance
  • Weekend rounds may be booked 7 days in advance
  • Twilight rounds may be booked 7 days in advance
  • Resort guests may book advance rounds
  • Cancellation policy is 24 hours in advance
  • Cart rental age is 19 years old with a driver's license



Nottawasaga Course (Includes Shared Cart)
18 Holes* $75
9 Holes (when available) $45
Twilight** (up to 18 holes) $48
Walking Rates
18 Holes (Monday to Friday) $58
9 Holes (Monday to Friday) $35
Twilight** (up to 18 holes) $35

*Carts are mandatory on the Nottawasaga Course on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and are included in the Green Fee. HST extra.

**Twilight is determined seasonally and is considered to be: From the open of the season to May 8: 3:00pm. From May 9 to August 7: 3:30pm. From August 8 to September 11: 3:00pm. From September 12 to the end of season: 2:00pm.

Course Layout: Green Briar (9)

  Blue White Red Par
Hole 1 340 332 320 4
Hole 2 372 350 347 4
Hole 3 535 510 450 5
Hole 4 343 333 323 4
Hole 5 177 169 115 3
Hole 6 406 356 325 4
Hole 7 383 366 340 4
Hole 8 158 125 118 3
Hole 9 360 332 297 4
Total 3074 2873 2635 35

Green Briar Course Layout

Course Layout: Briar Hill (9)

  Blue White Red Par
Hole 1 382 363 331 4
Hole 2 375 352 320 4
Hole 3 395 364 323 4
Hole 4 165 156 147 3
Hole 5 364 328 303 4
Hole 6 422 387 344 4
Hole 7 500 480 462 5
Hole 8 406 369 348 4
Hole 9 144 138 93 3
Total 3153 2937 2671 35

Briar Hill Course Layout

Course Layout: Valley (9)

  Blue White Red Par
Hole 1 315 300 235 4
Hole 2 178 167 152 3
Hole 3 505 495 480 5
Hole 4 362 350 300 4
Hole 5 330 323 278 4
Hole 6 340 330 300 4
Hole 7 445 430 413 4/5
Hole 8 188 162 103 3
Hole 9 356 276 256 4
Total 3019 2835 2517 35/36

Valley Course Layout


COVID-19 Updates

We are very happy to have the Putting Green, Driving Range, Ridge and Nottawasaga Golf Course open to provide a safe and healthy recreation option for our community. We will take reasonable precautions and observe best practices to minimize risks and to protect against the hazards presented by COVID-19.  The safety and well-being of our team and golfers is our priority and as such we will be enacting the following Guidelines.

NEW THIS YEAR: Masks are required to be worn by golfers who are not riding with a family member residing in the same household. Single rider carts may be requested but are subject to availability + an additional single rider fee.

We are grateful for everyone’s continued understanding and patience. For everyone’s safety and well-being we have established precautionary measures consistent with public health guidelines and industry best practices. Updates to our policies and procedures will continue to be made as we progress, so please check our website often as we navigate through the season with you. We ask for your cooperation in adhering to our new operating Guidelines. Click here to view the updates.

Tee times can be made by calling the golf shop, 705-435-5504, at this time. Please note advanced payments by credit or debit only and presigned player agreements are required. No cash will be accepted at this time. Guidelines may be updated as required to revise practices as needed.

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